A Few Things

1) I hate being a burden

2) I hate being made to feel like I’m a burden

3) I hate feeling like I’m a burden

4) I hate being lied about

5) I hate being lied to

6) I hate being called a Liar

7) I am NOT a Liar

8) I was so in love with my husband

9) We were a team

10) I was at my best and happiest when I was married

11) I miss my partner

12) I miss my husband

13) I miss my past life

14) nearly 14 years ago

15) RIP My Love, and our life together 😢

16) Life goes on….


Parental Alienation: The Words Matter


Daddy don't you walk so fast

“The truth? What’s that? Don’t you know that the day has come when the truth is what we care to make it?”
― Iain Crichton Smith, Consider the Lilies

This quote speaks for the age of modern parenting, where sadly parents are being shorn of their beloved children by a legal process that encourages adversarial divorce and the misuse of abuse legislation in order to weaponise one parent at the expense of the other and force them from the home and their own children’s lives while paying for the privilege.

The truth, in such situations, is no longer the truth, but what the abusive party chooses to make it. And our children are suffering damage that will last for generations.

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is the act of deliberately abusing influence over a child in order to cause them to reject a parent. It is normally perpetrated by a resident…

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Every time I hear that in my head, I CRACK up as it reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire, LMAO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=addrYZ6g_Ss My son said it today I laughed so hard I softly snorted, and well, you know how that is, makes ya laugh even more. I finally got myself together, but man, was it funny at the time. 😀

How is everyone? Having a great summer? I hope so. I worked summer school and it was great! A lot of walking, as it was a “CBI” class, Community Based Instruction. Taking the kids out and showing them, and teaching them how to pay for whatever they may want, how to order what they want, how to shop for what they want, etc.

The only issue with that was, at some point, I had sprained my knee, not at work, but I ended up having to get a knee brace, which I still wear. I start PT this Wednesday. Summer school ended July 18th, so of course, guess who has been on limited movement? YEP. Its been a pain, literally and otherwise. I take my ibuprofen, and it helps, but I had that I have to take it as much as I do, 3 times a day. OH well….

During my time off, I’ve been trying to take care of things around the house, like my little garden and plants. It’s not too much movement, and I get to be outside for a bit.

I hope you all are happy and healthy, using sunscreen when your outside, drinking plenty of water, you know.

I’ll write more in a bit. Until then, take care!!



In my two very significant relationships, I’ve been a step mom. First time, legally, second time, I am in that “role”, having never married but being together for almost 13 years.

I thought I was disrespected the first time around, but that wasn’t anything compared to the disrespect now. NOW, I’m “step-mom” when it’s convenient to said “teen.” That was proven last Thursday, when said teen was in handcuffs. He told the cops, “That’s my stepmom right there.” Not sure what they were asking him. I said, “No, I’m not, I’m his dad’s fiancée.” PD wanted me to try and get ahold of his Dad so they can talk to him to ask what he wanted them to do with his son. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach dad, so they let the teen go.

Here’s the thing with me. Step-kids don’t get to disrespect me online or in public and expect me to help or acknowledge them. This teen thinks he can disrespect me online, in public and I need to acknowledge him.

NO. I’m not open to his verbal abuse and horrendous attitude towards me when it’s convenient for him to call me Step Mom or when he’s in trouble. He calls me “Cracker”, at one time, tells me, “If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead” and then expects me to help him or acknowledge him? NO, I don’t think so.

This teen needs to stop blaming everyone else for his problems and start taking responsibility for himself, his own words, his actions and his awful attitude.

He’s an “adult” now. The world doesn’t care what he’s been through in life. It cares about him becoming an effective, working, thriving adult.

He’s been calling his own shots for as long as I can remember. Authorities in his life, with the exception of his dad, have coddled him because his mom died when he was 7 years old. Well, my mom died when I was 4 and my children’s dad, my husband, died when my kids were 8 and 12. They weren’t babied or coddled. Life went on, it didn’t stop, and neither did they, but this 19 year old thinks HE runs things, and his way of running things is doing him NO JUSTICE, at all.

See Something, Say Something….

What does that mean? According to the DHS website they say, ” Across the country, in our communities, we share everyday moments with our neighbors, family, coworkers, and friends. We go to work or school, the grocery store, or the gas station. It’s easy to overlook these routine moments, but as you’re going about your day, if you see something that doesn’t seem quite right, say something. By being alert and reporting suspicious activity to your local law enforcement, you can protect your family, neighbors, and community. ” https://www.dhs.gov/see-something-say-something

So, that means calling in when one see’s “suspicious activity”, right? That’s how I interpreted this. Well, what constitutes “suspicious activity”? Again, according to DHS, they say, “Unusual items or situations: A vehicle is parked in an odd location, a package/luggage is unattended, a window/door is open that is usually closed, or other out-of-the-ordinary situations occur.
Eliciting information: A person questions individuals at a level beyond curiosity about a building’s purpose, operations, security procedures and/or personnel, shift changes, etc.
Observation/surveillance: Someone pays unusual attention to facilities or buildings beyond a casual or professional interest. This includes extended loitering without explanation (particularly in concealed locations); unusual, repeated, and/or prolonged observation of a building (e.g., with binoculars or video camera); taking notes or measurements; counting paces; sketching floor plans, etc.” https://www.dhs.gov/see-something-say-something/what-suspicious-activity

SO, WHY, then, when there is “suspicious activity” at my fiance’s house, witnessed by my daughter, an unknown vehicle parked in the driveway, a female that wasn’t recognized and male who’s face wasn’t seen, who seem to go into the backyard, that I am told I LIED, by my local PD, when it turns out the male is my fiance’s estranged son, the son’s girlfriend and a car that belongs to someone. I didn’t see the couple. My fiance said he had no idea his son was coming by, and it was way before fiance was off work.

My daughter didn’t see the males face, she didn’t know the girlfriend and she didn’t recognize the car. ALL she knew was that this male and female went into the back yard. Since my fiance lives next door to me, I was able to look over the fence to see who was in the back yard, and I saw NO ONE, So I called the PD. I told the Dispatcher what my daughter was telling me, told the dispatcher that I didn’t see anyone in the back yard that I didn’t know if the perps had used the driveway to park their car so they can hop the fence to go into someone else’s yard to burglarize someone’s house.

Suddenly, not only am I being cussed at by both the male and female perps, I’m being threatened with bodily injury by the female, IN FRONT OF THE COPS, and they did nothing, even after I asked if she can be arrested for making terrorist threats. She was yelling at the top of her lungs how she was going to kick my ass, she was going to FUCK ME UP, and how I almost got them SHOT. NO, their behavior and lack of communication almost got themselves SHOT.

PD let these two non licensed no insurance teens go. PD told them to stay off the property, it’s private property. PD told me if they come back on the property, to call and they will come back out. What a joke. I called, and it was THEN that Dispatch told me, “When you called the first time, you said you didn’t know WHO it was, so you LIED.” THAT pissed me off.

PD came out, didn’t arrest them for trespassing (because apparently PD didn’t see them trespassing) and they wouldn’t arrest the female for making criminal/terroristic threats, PD didn’t arrest both of them for disturbing the peace, for standing on city property yelling, and they didn’t arrest them for driving without licenses or impound the car. PD had 4 opportunities to deal with these two unruly teens, and DID NOTHING, but Dispatch calls me a LIAR and the responding officer tries to tell me they’ve been out 5 times, which I called bullshit. I said there is no way, stop saying that, it’s a lie. The officer then said well, we’ve been out 3-4 times, and I said “NO, you haven’t” and he said, “Well, I’ve been out twice myself.” YEAH that’s right because that’s how many times I called.

I am SO truly disappointed in the PD.

Had my so called “Stepson” told ME that it was HIM and his girl in the backyard, ALL of this could have been prevented.