YES, I’m still here!! LOL…goodness, so much for writing every day, or even every other day!

I started my new job May 1! YEAH! It’s a great class, the teacher is so cool and laid back, my coworkers are terrific, they make me laugh, and the students are great! I miss being a sub, going to my preferred schools, the one I’m at was one of them, actually, but the high school and the school with the garden that I love so much, but it’s also so nice to be permanent. My health insurance is effective June 1, and the best part is, I’m in the UNION!! WOO HOO!!!

I have found that since I changed schools, and I’m not in Botany in the morning with students, I have been buying green plants and seeds. I miss working in the garden, around all the greenery and oxygen, I had to do something ūüėČ

I also bought a bird feeder, and seeds and OMG, the birds LOVE IT, and I run out of seed so fast! I took a video on SnapChat of them one time, but it’s since gone. I will try and find them somehow though or I will take another video.

I hope you all have been well! I just downloaded the WordPress app onto my phone, so maybe that will help me to write more. At least from my phone I can add pics easier ;-).

I will write more later but until then, have a great rest of the afternoon!





I’ve been working for my local school district as a sub Senior Instructional Aid for 12.5 years. It will be 13 years this November. I work in Special Education, with Severely Multiply Handicapped students as well as with Behaviorally Challenged students. I absolutely LOVE what I do. The only thing the same are the students, but their behaviors and needs are different, and it’s the most rewarding job, especially when I can break the ice and find something that I can connect with a student.

I have been testing, applying for and interviewing for the last 4-5 years to become permanent. No truer words have ever been spoken, when I was told awhile ago, “This district is very hard to get into.” To put it in the words of some high school students I work with, “SERIO!”

On Monday, April 1st, of all days, I interviewed for a BC position. It was a 3 person panel, A VP and Special Ed teacher from a middle school, and a Principal from an elementary school. I felt good coming out of that interview, but then again, I’ve always come out of interviews feeling good. I believe in the early days of this interviewing process, I had interviewed with the Principal of the elementary school, but I didn’t remember that until afterwards. I DID remember interviewing with the Special Ed teacher another time, and that time was the only time I felt like I didn’t do good, I was SO nervous, and this teacher looks at you very intensely, LOL, which didn’t help me settle my nerves, and I never interviewed with the VP.

During this interview, I felt more relaxed, though still a bit nervous. I answered their questions to the best of my ability, I turned in two letters of recommendations I had received from different teachers and I was thanked at the end of the interview and I was on my way.

At approximately 830pm, the evening of 4/2 I had checked my email. I had my Intermediate Algebra class that night, from 6pm to 830pm. I saw that I had received an email from HR at 521pm. I opened it, read it and was confused. The letter stated that I was being offered a “Contingent job” by the middle school. Contingent job? What does THAT mean? They were going to try me out and see how I do before making a final decision? They want to see if I match what the letters of recommendation state? What? The letter also stated that to call HR at my “earliest convenience to go over the information.”

4/3 at 819am I was on the phone calling HR. I had to know what “Contingent job” meant. HR said it was contingent on my physical! I was hired, but they needed the results of my physical. I said, “So I’m hired as permanent!?” LOL…I was ECSTATIC!! FINALLY!!!

4/4 I went for my physical and after I was done, I turned in the paperwork they gave me. The rest of the paperwork was being mailed out on 4/5. Once my back xray is cleared, I’m good to go! I’ll have a meeting with HR to discuss benefits, pay and everything else.

I cannot tell you how happy I am about this! It’s been a long time coming.

I started with the district a year after my husband died. He died 11/2005 and I started 11/2006. I didn’t have to work full time at the time, but then as the years went on, I found I needed to change things. Others kept telling me to look elsewhere, apply elsewhere, and I just felt like I did not want to quit this job, I loved it so much. I’m a people person, I love talking to people, to working with them and students.

I’m so glad I hung on, and I am so thankful that for those that understood why I couldn’t just quit my job.

With all my heart,


So, since my daughters accident, we’ve been sharing my car. It’s a pain, but can’t do much about it. Sometimes she has to Lyft, just like my son does, its the way it goes.

I’ve been in desperate need of tires, and haven’t been able to afford it. I have to pay rent, pay my bills, pay for my car registration, just on and on, and yesterday I was “FML.” It seems when I start to be OK, WHAM, something happens and I’m back down. I work, two jobs and am going to school.

Today, my daughter borrowed my car to go to the gym. Before she left, I told her to get air in the tire, if it needs it. I spent the morning trying to figure out how to get paid what I need to get paid. While I was thinking about this, I was trying to distract my mind, from my problems, I was taking care of my neglected plants outside, trying to figure out how to put music on my phone, ANYTHING to not think about my issues for a moment.

About 1130am my son said he was leaving for work. I told him I didn’t have my car, and I just assumed he had called for a LYFT. He told me my daughter just got home and was going to take him.

245pm, my daughter gets back. I figured she took my son to work and went to the gym. She came into my room, and was insistent on me to “come here, hurry up.” I thought she wanted me to meet her new “friend” and I was like, “what?! is he here? I’m not ready to meet him, I’m not presentable!” she just kept saying ” you’re fine, no one is outside, just come on, here, here’s a towel to cover up…” So we walked outside, and she said, “i got you new tires.” FLOORED!

I couldn’t believe it! I kept saying “WHAT!? WHAT?” and then I burst into tears! Writing this is making me tear up, LOL…4 new tires. She told me the guy told her “You need new tires, all 4” one had a nail in it, and even if he took it out, it wouldn’t have mattered. She said she knew new tires were needed, and “let’s just do this.”

MAN…I cannot tell you the relief that is. Shes going to take it to work, but we have to take back tomorrow to get the alignment done. She had to leave to go to work, but MAN…I cannot belief it.

I am SO THANKFUL, I was totally not expecting that…

Happy Birthday, To ME ;-)

Tomorrow is my birthday, I will be double nickels ūüėČ It’s been a nice weekend of celebrating quietly. Last night, my kids treated me to dinner at Rock & Brews. They’ve eaten there before, but it was my first time. I had fish n chips, my daughter had fish tacos and my son had some kind of sliced steak plate with veggies and garlic potatoes.

Today, we went to a brunch at my daughters work. It was my love, my daughter, of course, my son and his friend, Stephanie. I hadn’t laughed so much like I did today, and I didn’t even drink, LOL.

Friday, when I walked into the house from where ever I was, my son gave me my present. A succulent plant in a glass vase. He said, “Water it once a week.” LOL…

from my Son

My daughter bought me candles, I LOVE scented candles, incense, all that stuff! I’m burning one now, a lavender one, and it smells so good!!!

from my Daughter

It’s been a good weekend. ‚̧

I hope you all have had a great, relaxing weekend. Until next time….



I came across this the other day. Apparently it was posted a year ago, a YEAR ago. (Remember my husband has been dead for nearly 14 years.)

It’s from my oldest stepson, a Fathers Day Tribute, for his STEPDAD, who passed away 6.5 years after my husband. The tribute is sweet and all, but I wonder….why even show to up to to his biological fathers funeral, pretending to care? The response is from my oldest stepdaughter. It saddens me that my husbands kids, (the older ones) disrespected and hated him so much. #FakesandPhonies

In The Blink Of An Eye

EVERYTHING can change. I found that out nearly 14 years ago when my husband died, suddenly and unexpectedly.

I am SO THANKFUL that the morning of February 23, 2019, I didn’t experience that again, but this time, with my daughter. I am SO THANKFUL that my daughter is still here and OK, bruised but not broken.

She was involved in a traffic collision. She was going to get gas, as she was going to see one of her friends, and she was hit by a drunk driver. The asshole was driving under the influence, has a suspended license, and only had a CA ID on him. He also tried to drive away, but got maybe a block, because witnesses followed him and took pics of his ID and gave it to my daughter.

Either he or I are damn lucky that he left the scene because I feel I would have been detained myself by the Deputy for accosting the son of a bitch.

My daughters car has no rear driver side wheel as it was complete torn off and rolled across the intersection, resting on the divider. The spare tire, and everything that was in her trunk was strewn all over the middle of the intersection.

She has been taking care of business, calling her insurance and going to work, at least to one job. She hasn’t worked at her second job because the Doc gave her a few days off.

This has messed with my psyche. I took today off work, and I may take tomorrow off as well. I haven’t decided. I worked Monday and Tuesday and had class on Tuesday night. I just needed a mental day, or two.

I hope all is well with you all! Will write more later.

Take care,



24 yr old Drunk, suspended license driver, driving with a CA ID that hit my daughter. He fled the scene as best he could. Yes, he drove this heap at 
least a block away.