Back to Work!

Well, here we are, starting our 3rd week of being back to school/work. CRAZY to be working from home… Zoom meetings twice a day and making Google Slides all day. The day goes by fast most of the time, but I really miss being at work and socializing with not only my friends and co workers, but the students and their parent’s as well. I heard to day that we may not go back until January, because Flu season is coming and between that and Covid 19, it’s just not a good time. In my opinion, it’s crazy, scary times.

I think we are all getting into our groove with our new positions, so to speak, and that’s good. I went from not knowing how to make interactive google slides to “Can’t stop me now!” LOL, that made me feel good, that I learned something new.

I hope you all are doing well, and I hope you’re staying safe, and doing the best you can be, especially if you have to deal with Distance Learning in your home. I know it can be difficult, but just know, you aren’t alone and we WILL get through this!

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Be good to yourself, be gentle with yourself and be patient. These certainly are trying and unpredictable times.

Have a great evening.



How y’all doing?? Back to school and work?? How are you handling Distance Learning?

I’m good myself, was pup sitting for my daughter and her Love when they went on a little vacation for her birthday. My grand pup is A LOT, she’s only 5 months old, but WOW…busy little bee she is. It’s her nature, so she kept me on my toes.

Work started back for me, today was the first day on ZOOM, seeing all our students. I’m not a teacher, I’m a Sr. Instructional Assistant. I LOVE what I do. I started back to work on Monday and it has been quite hectic since then, a lot of training, a lot of professional development zoom sessions, just extremely busy.

I hope you all are good, let me know how you’re doing out there!!

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Have a great evening and I will write again soon!



Devastating News…

I have fished at but never swam at this lake. I read that her 4 year old son said that his mommy put him back on the boat, but she didn’t make it. Authorities said she had enough energy to hoist her son up but not herself. This poor baby. I’m saddened by this news. This picture broke me, AND being the 7th year anniversary of Cory Monteith’s death… OMG.

Just such sadness.

Revenge-Seeking – Parental Alienation

Revenge-Seeking. This behavior is calculated to try to hurt the other person without taking responsibility. An example of this is described above with the “back-handed compliment.” The individual somehow is threatened by the other, whether real or imagined, and seeks revenge in an underhanded manner. By doing so, they can claim ignorance if confronted such…
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Just saw this on the news. WHY the death threats? To me, it’s simple. You wear a mask or you don’t. If you don’t, you suffer the consequences, whatever they may be. If you wear a mask, you are doing your part to help us all be healthy, and safe. Get over your damn selves. WHY TF make death threats?

There’s a lady I know who, several years ago, told me, “Watch your back.” She was responding to a situation that she was NOT a part of and had nothing to do with her. I took it as a threat, and could have gotten her suspended at the very least, and fired at the most, but I documented it and let it slide.

Sometime last year I believe it was, an 18 year old threatened to fuck me up, in FRONT of a few officers from my local PD. THEY, the PD, did nothing. A few years before that, a near 50 yr old threatened me with the same, over the phone. I documented it and let it slide.

When Keith was alive, his ex wife threatened me. Well, she was ALWAYS threatening me with one thing or another, but this one particular time, she was REALLY PISSED OFF at me and said that she had been diagnosed with severe depression and she was going to be on my door step so I had better be afraid. Then she accused me of being the cause of her second divorce, but I’ve already written about that, LOL.

People need to just STOP with the threats, MY GOD. Is losing your job and freedom worth it?! Really?!

Father’s Day Through The Years

Dealing with a HCBM, you know nothing is ever “normal,” not even Father’s Day. A day that, if at all possible, a child or children should be allowed to spend with their Dad.

Key words being, SHOULD BE ALLOWED. That was not the case in my late husband’s situation.

Here is his story:

He and his ex divorced in November 1990. At the time of the divorce, the COURT ordered that he is entitled “to reasonable visitation, as mutually agreed upon with petitioner.” For some reason, let’s just say, for CONTROL purposes, the ex wrote in a letter, dated 5/22/1995 that she “has a right to authorize visitation as I see fit; visitation is up to me.” He defaulted in his divorce. He didn’t wanted nothing more to do with HER, so he didn’t show up. He didn’t think she would turn the kids on him, but he found out REAL quick that that was exactly what she was working on.

So, their divorce was final November 30, 1990 and Keith died November 29, 2005. In those 15 years, Keith got Father’s Day visitation with his kids, 1 time. The year was 2000. Father’s Day 2000 was also his daughters birthday, which he was never allowed to celebrate with her until this year. BEFORE 2000 though….

In February of 1995, the ex wrote a letter to Keith stating, “Your opinion to make me look like I have denied you any visitation is very wrong…. Please respond to this letter in writing with all your phone calls to be given to the kids. I no longer wish to have verbal arguments concerning the visitation-you will not cooperate with me…all your phone calls will be given without any hassle to N and L….” Well, that was ALL a lie, but I digress.

In June of 1996, it was after 8pm on Father’s Day, and the kids had not called my husband. I called them to speak to them, thinking it would have made my husband happy to hear his kids. When I called, his ex answered, and when I said, “J- it’s Patricia…” she immediately hung up. I called back and left a message, saying that I had gotten disconnected the first time and to please call when they got this message.

Two minutes later, the ex called, IRATE, demanding to speak to Keith. Since he was not aware that I had called the kids, I said I would not get Keith on the phone. The ex lashed out at me and asking, “Where the fuck do you get off calling my phone when it is unlisted and I did not give it to you, and it’s unlisted for a reason! If you ever fucking call here again, I will have my number disconnected and I will NOT give it to Keith!” I reminded her she was legally required to give him the new number. She replied, “No I’m not, if I wanted to change my number at anytime I could do so, where does your fat ass get off calling my home?” I reminded her that the first time I called, she had hung up, and the second time I called, I had to leave a message. Still irate, she said, “In fact, I told the kids 3-4 times today to call their dad and it was their decision whether they wanted to or not.” I told her I didn’t believe her. She went on to say, “Just as you refuse to get Keith on the phone when I call, and just as you say my calls to your home are harassing, do not ever fucking call my hone again!”

I asked her why she was using such profanity towards me when there was no need to. She replied with, and I kid you NOT…”You and Keith were wrong to send a wedding invitation to the kids 3 weeks after the fucking fact! You are sick to use the same phrase in your invitation that I did when I married Keith!” I told her we told the kids we had gotten married the week after we got home, that it wasn’t an invitation, it was an announcement and I had no idea what she was talking about, what saying? She told me, “stop acting so unknowing! I’ll send you a copy of my invitation!” I realized she was talking about the quote, “Today I will marry my best friend…” I was actually quite surprised she admitted to still having one around after 12 years, and told her to go ahead and send it. (Still waiting!) Then she brought up the fact that I didn’t know when she and Keith got married. Well, I knew it was either June 2nd or 6th, I could look it up if she wanted me to, but what did it matter? She told me I wasn’t part of “this family” and I said that as of May 18, 1996, I was part of my husband’s family and she said, “oh yeah, #4″ to which I replied, ” at least he divorced you.” Like salt on a slug, she seemed to have recoiled enough to hiss at me, “don’t call my fucking home again!” twice before she hung up.

So, Keith didn’t get to speak to his kids on Father’s Day.

A week later, on June 23rd, the ex had the kids call their dad, “Person to Person Collect.” Why? Who knows, but it seems she’s still reeling from last weeks phone call with me. I didn’t answer the phone, because I probably would have denied to call and then Keith would have called them back. There just was no excuse for this type of call. Keith’s best friend that lived with us answered the phone and accepted the call.

Remember what his ex said back in her letter of February 1995 about “hassle free phone calls”? I guess that only applied to….well never, actually, and specifically, not in this particular call. Keith could hear his ex in the background, badgering the kids. At one time , while his daughter was talking with him, his ex had asked her, “Did you know Patricia called here on Father’s Day?” his daughter said she didn’t know, and Keith asked her if it was a problem and why did it seem like a problem to which his daughter said she didn’t know.

So, fast forward to the year 2000. Keith practically had to beg to see his kids (more so than usual) for Father’s day. It was also on his daughter’s birthday and he wanted to celebrate both, since he had never had the chance to before. The ex agreed, but I am sure it was a hard fought battle on my husband’s part. It was ALWAYS a battle to see his kids, but THIS is about Father’s Day and THIS is the only year he was “allowed” to see his kids.

It is now a no wonder why his ex always said she plans her summer vacations the last two weeks of June. So THEY can celebrate her daughter’s birthday and Father’s day with her husband. It’s NOW a no wonder why Keith’s daughter once told him that her stepdad was more of a father to her than Keith was.

It all makes sense after awhile.